idc Proud to be Prezi Pioneers

25 June 2011

idc are proud to take part in the Prezi Pioneers programme.


Prezi offers one of the few true alternatives to traditional presentation and has the potential to be so much more to any creative company (and any company can be creative...).


So here's looking forward to even more great features over the coming months and happy zooming!


Finalists in Prezi+iPad Competition

19 February 2011

idc are pleased to announce that we made it through to the finals of the Prezi+iPad international competition


The competition was to develop a Prezi to explore what Prezi and an iPad could become when used together. And here it is :



Any commnets on it are very welcome.


If you are looking to develop a presentation that is a bit more than just powerpoint then contact idc to find out what we can do for you.


2D Colouring Continues to be popular

23 January 2011

idc's 2D colouring and presentation services are proving to be a popular alternative to full photo relistic rendered images - particularly for those small projects that can't normally afford to use the full service.


Sell your project faster with colour


This image started as nothing more than a simple black and white pdf, which was about to be used for marketing the project. With a couple of hours work, the coloured alternative will stand out amongst other particulars and sell the scheme better.


Have a look at our 2D Presentation Services to see what idc can do for your project.


idc Website updated

15 January 2011

New year, (slightly) new look.

The website is still being made up (lots of content to create yet), but we thought the header needed a bit of a tweak - plus it was a good opportunity to clean out some mucky code...


CIE Part of the Website Started!

22 December 2010

As part of our long term project into researching, developing and practising Creativity in Education (CIE), we have finally managed to get this part of the website up and running.

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What's New

New images in Visualisation Sections


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